Account-Based Analytics: Merging 3rd Party with 1st Party Data

We don’t want to discount the power of organizing your owned data assets from an account-prospective as there’s so much wealth to illuminate from this dark data for teams to view and use to optimize daily efforts.

However, do not discount the power of 3rd party data providers who can complement your account data. Below are some various vendors (some we use here at Dynamo). Take note also – there’s many industry and vertical specific providers that may have more depth than breadth. But in many cases, from what we find, both have value, it’s just applying the data in the right direction.

If anyone would like our POV– give us a shout anytime, we’ve researched and used many providers below (and more!). All providers have offerings with a combination of  B2B contact databases, social, news, firmographic and technographic data that can be applied to your account-based endeavors. All have data connecters through APIs that can be ingested within your internal or service provider tools to align to your target accounts.

  1. Clearbit (horizontal)
  2. Full Contact (horizontal)
  3. Leadership Directories (Vertical, government)
  4. Dun and Bradstreet (horizontal)
  5. Redbooks (Vertical, Advertising)
  6. Winmo (Vertical, Advertising)
  7. S&P Capital IQ (Vertical, Finance)
  8. Crunchbase (Vertical, Technology)
  9. Zoominfo (Horizontal)
  10. DiscoverOrg (Vertical, IT)

That’s the quick gist–as always, just trying to find right, not act right. Welcome feedback.

Team Dynamo.

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